Thursday, May 20, 2021

 A Problem | Solutions Brief from CAPSYS Technologies and Kodak Alaris

I. Situation: The Nightmare That Is Shared Email

Whether your organization is—
  • Public, private, a government agency, or a not-for-profit entity
  • In the healthcare, insurance or higher education marketplace
  • A manufacturer, distributor, operate in the logistics field, or a very large Global 2000 company
  • Or a small to mid-sized organization
graphic of emailgateway
You are likely feeling the pain and bad daytime dreams that accompany Shared Email Box use within your organization.

There is an influx of emails that arrive at your organization addressed to a mix of real-recipient and alias-recipient inboxes. Addresses such as,,, or or .org.

There is no real identifiable “person” assigned to the other side of these mailboxes—at least from the sender’s perspective. Internally, on the receiving side, you do have at least one person, sometimes an entire “SWAT” team accessing these real and aliased email addresses—known as the “Shared Email Boxes.” Unfortunately, this often creates a free-for-all approach in terms of who works inbound emails and how they are handled. It’s a process that could use improvement, but it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Team members are responsible for identifying which items belong to whom, working the item to its completion, and then moving that “finished” item out of the inbox into a Shared Email Box subfolder, to differentiate email items that are unread, inflight, or email items that have actually been completed. We know the process of accessing a Shared Email Box is all manual—an ad-hoc, people-driven approach (prone to error) to working the items in the Shared Email Box, and there is no genuine accountability.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

WPT (Web Portal Toolkit) is the Best Kept Secret at Hyland Software, the makers of OnBase (720p)

In this Episode of CAPTURE CAPITALIST, we visit with Mike Ball at Hyland Software to take a look at a relatively newer offering from Hyland Software called, Web Portal Toolkit (WPT). WPT is a platform that lets us create responsive ready, customized front ends for Hyland OnBase systems – whether on-premised based or hosted in the Cloud. Don’t let the inclusion of "toolkit" in WPT's name fool you into thinking this is some sort of complicated, new-fangled development language.

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WPT is designed very much with the End-user in mind and as the focus. WPT is simple to use, mobile-enabled makes minimal use of technical terms, and requires little if any training to use it effectively.

What you will learn from this podcast episode? (Note: total length of this podcast is about 1 hour and 26 minutes, jump to 58:00 minute mark for demonstration)

We will begin with defining what WPT is and how it can be utilized to solve a multitude of business and technical challenges for customers, their internal and external user communities. You’ll see first-hand how WPT has been deployed to solve Higher Ed issues such as Student Course Registration, Vendor and Supply Chain Partner portals for the Manufacturing and Distribution industries, Fleet Management, Hospitality and Entertainment industries and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Here you will learn what WPT does uniquely, what makes it a viable choice to consider if you have specific accessibility needs that the standard Web or Unity Clients can’t easily solve out of the box. Mike and I will discuss how WPT be tailored or customized to satisfy the needs of Human Resources and even solve complex, multi-divisional extranet use cases such as a Supply Chain Portal.

You will learn about the key pieces of functionality that are included with WPT:

  • A clear and uncluttered UI that is amazingly simple to master in a short amount of time;
  • Underneath the covers you will learn how WPT utilizes the most modern of web-based technologies;
  • 14 different languages are currently supported – a must for multi-national organizations;
  • Colors, logos, supporting text are all customizable so that WPT looks like your organization’s brand, not someone else’s;
  • Deployment time is RAPID and integration with your ERP or line-of-business system can be achieved using a number of different techniques.
  • We talk about pre-built WPT widgets and the ability to create custom widgets;

Of course, you will see how document search and viewing is accomplished (even on mobile devices), we chat about security concerns that may be crossing your mind, touch on flexible licensing options, but it doesn’t stop there. Data from various ERP systems, line of business systems, and/or of course keywords from your OnBase system, secured uploading of documents into a business process workflow, custom queries, and much more are discussed.

Mike even provides us with a great demonstration based on a customer use case (begins at 58:00 minute mark).

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Good materials all the way around, if you were contemplating external use cases for your OnBase system, this episode is a much watch. There are plenty of takeaways that you can put immediately to work for you and your organization.

Stay safe during these challenging times and as always, thanks for watching/listening and please, leave your constructive comments in the feedback and comment section!

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Monday, March 30, 2020

RAD Part 2 - What is all this excitement around ACE from OnBase by Hyland?

In this Episode of CAPTURE CAPITALIST, we go back to visit with Jim ‘Shark Hunter’ Morrison at Hyland Software to dive deep into Hyland Software’s Rapid Application Development platform called, App Builder (formerly known as WorkView) and explore their concept around ACE – Application Creation Excelerator. Hyland made a brilliant move in the market by leveraging a tool (created by one of their many bright interns!) that nearly every computer user is familiar with – Microsoft Excel. ACE is the launching platform to quickly start your application development. If you are not familiar with App Builder or WorkView Case Manager from OnBase by Hyland, please watch or listen to episode 5 (video) or 6 (audio only), I highly recommend you spend some time their first before jumping into the ACE podcast.

What you will learn from this Podcast episode?

If you have legacy Microsoft Access applications or are tracking critical business activities using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, this episode is a much watch. You will learn how to jump-start your first App Builder experience using a pre-configured framework originating in Microsoft Excel that you can easily customize to meet your particular application needs. There is a much better way to manage your processes and cases than using spreadsheets and Microsoft Access apps.

Jim uses a Probate Case Settlement and a FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) application to illustrate the RAD process in a live, demonstration setting. You’ll see how easily the Excel worksheets have been assembled using a "predefined template" supplied by Hyland, how App Builder ingests the resulting ACE file, and quickly (measured in minutes) OnBase automatically builds out the application framework – database tables, their relationships, field lengths, data types, filters, views, etc. What is the end result from customer's experience by using an ACE approach on the front end of their design process? Hyland customers are seeing a 5x to 10x time savings for App Builder rollout. Now that is rather impressive!

For approximately the first 22 minutes Jim and I examine the background of what prompted the creation of ACE, we talk about a growing number of pre-built ACE starter pack files that are available today to address a variety of different application needs across many different markets. We even discuss how you can get directly engaged with an ACE design session at no cost. The remainder of the session is spent demonstrating and examining the ACE file contents – its layout, design and importing process into Application Builder.

Great content all the way around and there are plenty of takeaways that you can put immediately to work for you. Stay safe during these challenging times and as always, thanks for watching/listening and please, leave your constructive comments in the feedback and comment section!

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Video broadcast available here

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Alaris INfuse Update #1 - IoT Smart Connected Scanning Product Improvements, Market Adoption, Application Usages & User Feedback

In this episode (17 mins) I dive into the product and feature enhancements that have been made to INfuse as a result of direct customer feedback we have been receiving with our early adopters of the INfuse solution powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.  The enhancements are direct testimony to agile development methodologies utilized in the INfuse and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE product lines.  We will also tackle the subject of Market adoption and application use cases.  Here is a summary of what I cover:
- An existing customer of ours in a tethered Fujitsu scanning solution they previously used in conjunction with CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE has a feature in our web capture application that allowed them to receive a user field prompt asking them to input a field value only known at the time of actual batch capture process and only known by the operator of the batch scan operation.  You'll learn in this episode how we overcame this issue with changes in the INfuse Management Application.
- With the help of Alaris development team, we now have added the ability to combine the contents of documents fed through the automatic document feeder and also the passport / flatbed accessory.  Prior to this software update, the contents of each transport mechanism were treated as separate/unique batches and named with different batch names.  Using different batch names or number schemes posed a problem downstream in the capture process and now this issue has been addressed - combining the contents into a single batch at the time of the batch scanning process. 
- Improvements to the User Interface contained on the INfuse device have also been delivered and more are coming in the very near future.  You'll learn about a relatively unknown feature in the INfuse called the "Gap Release" and how it can greatly aid in the capture of fragile documents or documents that may jam in the ADF such as envelopes, torn documents or torn envelopes, etc.
- Market Updates: Here we will explore vertical market successes and market adoption.  Lots of activity and developments in this area - banking/mortgage, county government, villages, insurers/reinsurers, logistics and transportation, construction and more!  The customer receptiveness and adoption has been very strong, speaking volumes to the versatility, flexibility behind the INfuse offering powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.   Our customers are attaching INfuse to all kinds of Content Services Platform solutions - Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, OnBase by Hyland, ShareBase by Hyland, Vaultview, Knowledgetree systems to name a handful.  We can connect these IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions to virtually any system.  
Lots of info, I will continue to provide these mini-updates on our progress with INfuse and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE throughout the coming weeks/months.  Stay tuned and check back soon. Please be sure to leave your constructive feedback below in the comments section and if you have any subject matter you would like me to cover in future episodes, let me know.  
Thanks for watching and/or listening, links below!

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Monday, February 10, 2020

What is RAD, why should you care and what can Hyland Application Builder (also known as Workview / Case Manager) - makers of OnBase - do for me?

OK, this is one heck of an episode and it is packed with a tremendous amount of relevant information about RAD (Rapid Application Development), inclusive of supporting visuals, usage trends and use cases for Hyland Software’s App Builder tool (also known as WorkView and Case Manager).  Truth be told, this 1 Hour podcast could have been split into two episodes because there is so much great information Jim Morrison from Hyland Software shared with us.
Watch the podcast by clicking here or listen to the podcast by clicking here!
If you are in the healthcare, insurance, higher ed, government (Fed, State, Local), commercial sectors such manufacturing, logistics and transportation, distribution, banking and finance communities, you are in the right spot and this episode is for you.  I realize it is rather lengthy and a big commitment on your part to watch and/or listen, but for the sake of continuity, I just decided to bite the bullet and pack all the content inclusive of a demonstration into a single podcast. 
One aspect about Jim you will come to appreciate, he is the real deal and energetic - you get the straight scoop from him about Workview/App Builder.  He has a lot of practical industry experience and is very well suited to explain App Builder.  I recorded this on the last day of 2019 - Jim and I had a heck of a time getting our schedules coordinated, plus his wife was expecting with his 3rd child at any moment. 
 I thought I would be able to get this content edited, supporting illustrations all pulled together and posted weeks ago, but “stuff happens” -  and, let’s just leave it at that.    There will be a follow up to this podcast in the near future on this subject, we will build out in a live setting using one of their pre-built ACE starter files. We just couldn’t get through all the information in this single setting.  Check back later in the month for part 2.
What you will learn from Jim in this Podcast?
Jim breaks RAD down to its basic fundamentals and helps us all better understand why Hyland created what has been known in the industry as “WorkView” which now seemingly is undergoing through a bit of rebranding process.  Looks like Hyland is calling it, “Hyland OnBase Application Builder.”   It has also been referred to as Case Manager and Case Management – all which are appropriate words used to describe Application Builder. 
After watching or listening to this episode, you will walk away with:
  • Understanding the differences between Workview and Workflow offerings from Hyland
  • Having learned how and Workflow and Workview designed to work better together
  • Understanding the value proposition of using a Low Code, Configuration approach vs. a typical ground up, boot-strapped software development environment.
  • Learned about real-life use cases across a wide array of industries.
  • An understanding of why he is a huge proponent of “chunking” out your first applications. His message: “start smart small and scale up” from there.  App Builder becomes contagious rather quickly in organizations once they see and realize the benefits.
  • Questioning whether you should Build, Buy or CONFIGURE?? Which option is the right one for you?
  • Gained valuable insight into the differences between point case management solutions and Hyland App Builder.
  • An understanding the benefits of using or taking a “platform approach” with Case Management from Hyland – pulling through all the capabilities of OnBase from Document Management, Document Composition, Electronic forms, Dashboards, Workflow and much more.
  • Getting the inside scoop on why Hyland and Hylanders (you know who you are) are excited about their initial ACE Case Management Framework rollouts and their commitment to delivering more for their customers.
  • Gained insight into how customers of App Builder are using it every day to conquer new application challenges, are replacing aging apps, creating new applications that no off-the-shelf software could possibly solve without breaking the bank.
And, if all that is not enough, we will end up this podcast with a demonstration of App Builder in action using a Freedom of Information Act / Public Records deployment. If you are interested in jumping to the demo right away, jump to approximately the 42:29 mark. 
Bonus Segment
Usually, I like to have our guests provide us a bio about themselves near the introduction of the podcast.   This time around, Jim’s bio ended up a bit “extended” shall I say because he has a unique hobby that is rather intriguing - to say the least.  If you are an angler - hobbyist or professional or you have an interest in the deep sea, you won’t want to miss out on this one, trust me!
I hope you find this episode as interesting as I did while chatting with Jim, find a handful of valuable takeaways that you can bring back with you to the office and put your ideas to good use!  Thanks for watching/listening and please, leave your constructive comments in the feedback/comment section.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

What is Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS)?

Learn about the newest offering that has emerged in the marketplace that addresses Document Retention using an entirely new approach called, Governance Rules as a Service or GRaaS. In this episode, CAPTURE CAPITALIST interviews Tom Grucza, Senior Product Evangelist from Hyland Software and you'll learn what drove the creation of GRaaS, the partnership with Iron Mountain and Policy Center and he even conducts a demonstration of the GRaaS offering.

Hat tip to Tom Grucza from Hyland Software for your time and subject matter expertise during this interview.  Watch it by clicking here.

Thanks for watching/listening and I welcome your constructive feedback and any suggestions for future content.

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The Future is here - IoT Smart Connected Scanning featuring INfuse from Alaris. (720p)

Get the inside track on the newest offering from Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business called, INfuse - an IoT Smart Connected Scanning solution for the Content Services Platform marketplace. In this episode, we get the unique opportunity to interview Alaris' Worldwide Product Manager, Jim Forger and learn about INfuse's wide array of features including their innovative, patented technology that allows business users to deploy Smart Connected Scanning devices in the field without requiring IT involvement. You'll get the scoop on what drove the creation of INfuse, how early adopters of the technology benefit from the patented EasySetup, Perfect Page and System on a Chip feature sets packed into each and every INfuse deployment. Plus he even gives us a sneak peek into what is forthcoming in future INfuse product enhancements.

Find out why customers are attaching these INfuse IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions to all kinds of Content Services Platform solutions - Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, OnBase by Hyland, ShareBase by Hyland, Vaultview, Knowledgetree systems to name a handful of providers.

Please visit to watch or listen to my new podcast.

Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions below for future episodes, I welcome your constructive feedback!

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