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Intelligent Document Processing and Capture Solutions in Healthcare Navigation and Care Coordination Marketplace

Leveraging Intelligent Document Processing and Capture Solutions in Healthcare Navigation and Care Coordination Marketplace

In the dynamic and demanding landscape of healthcare navigation and care coordination, efficient data management and seamless integration of information are paramount. CAPSYS CAPTURE™, developed by CAPSYS Technologies, stands out as a transformative tool, addressing the unique challenges faced by the Healthcare Navigation and Care Coordination marketplace.

Addressing Complex Challenges

Navigating Voluminous Data: Healthcare organizations manage vast volumes of faxes daily, containing crucial patient information. CAPSYS CAPTURE™ efficiently handles this data, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Extracting Crucial Patient Information:
The software excels in identifying "high-value" business data within unstructured documents, crucial for making informed healthcare decisions.  High-Value business data includes critical values such as Patient First and Last Names, Member IDs, Date of Birth, and more.

Providing Actionable Insights: Organizations need granular insights into processing times and worker interactions. CAPSYS CAPTURE™ provides real-time data, facilitating continuous improvement and optimization.

Ensuring Scalability and Availability: The robust architecture of CAPSYS CAPTURE™ supports a resilient and expandable system, ready to scale as the organization grows.

Innovative Solutions

Integration with RightFax®: Fax sending and receiving is at the heart of the Healthcare industry. This integration allows for enhanced fax manipulation, giving users the flexibility to reorder, rotate, delete, split, copy, divide, and combine together faxed document pages and documents as needed.

DynamicOCR Engine: CAPSYS's proprietary OCR technology utilizes advanced search techniques and AI to improve data extraction accuracy continuously.

Flexible Automation: The Process Manager and ExecuBOTS™ within CAPSYS CAPTURE™ enable intuitive workflow design and seamless data validation and transfer with core line of business systems used within the healthcare marketplace and aligns perfectly with healthcare coordination tasks.

Actionable Insights: Detailed business metrics offer real-time insights, enhancing both user and patient experiences through AI-driven improvements.

Robust Architecture: The Server Grouping Technology™ ensures that healthcare services remain uninterrupted, providing a scalable solution that can handle future demands.

Project Outcomes

The implementation of CAPSYS CAPTURE™ has set a new standard in healthcare coordination:

Revolutionized Fax Handling: Unprecedented usability and functionality in managing faxed documents.

Enhanced Data Extraction: Unmatched accuracy in OCR, ensuring critical information is captured.
Rich Metrics for Optimization: Actionable insights that drive continuous improvement.
Future-Ready Solutions: A scalable and robust architecture ready for future healthcare needs.

CAPSYS Technologies has distinguished itself through a unique partnership approach, offering state-of-the-art solutions that align with the core values and requirements of healthcare organizations. The synergy of CAPSYS CAPTURE™, DynamicOCR, Process Manager, and Server Grouping Technology™ addresses pressing challenges while setting new benchmarks in the industry. This patient-centric, innovative approach ensures long-term success built on empathy, trust, and mutual benefit.

For more information on how CAPSYS can assist with your organization's unique needs, visit CAPSYS Technologies.

Trademarks: CAPSYS CAPTURE™, DynamicOCR, Process Manager, and Server Grouping Technology™ are trademarks of CAPSYS Technologies. RightFax® is a registered trademark of its respective owner.

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Get Down To Business with Scott "Shalom" Klein.

Scott "Shalom" hosts a weekly radio show where he gets down to business! The format features interviews with leaders in business, employment and politics as well as strategic advice on building your business, success stories and finding jobs. Tune in on Sundays at 6pm on AM 560 WIND.

On February 9th, Scott interviewed Paul about the latest trends in Document Imaging post-Covid, updates on IoT Document Capture Technology in the B2B marketplace and more!

Full broadcast/replay is available by clicking on the link below: 

Podcast of “Get Down To Business” – 02/11/2024 – Richard Parker, Matthew Weiss, Paul Szemplinski and Major General (Retired) Gregg Martin

Link to Salem Media's AM560 website:

IDT show segment available here:

Link to Shalom's website:

For more details about IDT and our full range of Enterprise Content Management products and service offerings, please visit

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Digitizing 70,000 Aperture Cards for Triangle Package Machinery with IDT's Cloud-Based Document Capture and ECM Solution


It's fascinating to briefly explore the significant impact that a prominent Chicagoland-based manufacturing staple has had on our global food supply and safety over the past 100 years!

Triangle Package Machinery, renowned for its packaging equipment serving many of the well-known household food manufacturing brands consumed every day, was confronted with the monumental task of modernizing over 70,000 analog aperture cards containing crucial engineering records dating back to the 1950s.

The aperture cards contain manufacturing equipment designs for packaging equipment that are still in use worldwide dating back 50 or more years.

Collaborating with Integrated Document Technologies (IDT), an industry leader with 30 years of Digital Transformation expertise, they embarked on a transformative project leveraging IDT's ECM technology stack - CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, and OnBase by Hyland and all 100% hosted securely in the cloud. 

Problem Statements 

The existing system of analog aperture cards posed several challenges: 

• Inefficient customer service response times 
• Difficulty in accessing historical engineering data 
• Risk of physical damage or loss to critical documents 
• Escalating operational costs 
• Media degradation due to the aging process


The solution was a multifaceted approach, incorporating cutting-edge technology and meticulous hands-on processing by the professionals at IDT. 

Phase 1: Assessment and Planning 

IDT conducted a comprehensive assessment and crafted a robust strategy, focusing on leveraging the power of cloud-based technologies from CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE and Hyland Software. 

Phase 2: Implementation 

Shipment and Inventory to IDT's Itasca, IL Facility 

Aperture cards were carefully packed and shipped to IDT's scanning services processing center in Itasca, IL. Once received at IDT’s facility, each card was meticulously inventoried and prepped, maintaining the utmost care and integrity of the vital records. Prepping was tedious as many of these aperture cards had not been touched in decades, and thus had the tendency to stick to each other which would cause jamming issues for the aperture card sheet feeding mechanisms.

Digitization with CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE 

Using the cloud-hosted CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, the aperture cards were converted into high-resolution digital images. Stringent quality controls ensured that scanned images met the required standards. Integration with OnBase by Hyland Digital images was imported into Hyland, a cloud-hosted enterprise content management solution. Hyland’s secure cloud architecture allowed for centralized storage, seamless integration, and robust security. Customized workflows enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and compliance. 

Return of Aperture Cards 

The original cards were securely returned to Triangle Package Machinery preserving their historical value. However, now that all the aperture cards are digitized, they are accessible by Triangle’s Engineering staff 24 x 7 safely and securely using only a web browser. Aperture cards can be easily imported into their Engineering CAD software for further review while making any necessary modifications. 

Phase 3: Training and Support 

Comprehensive training for OnBase by Hyland ensured smooth adoption. Continuous support was provided, tailored to Triangle Package Machinery's evolving needs. 


The integration of CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE and OnBase by Hyland's cloud-hosted solutions resulted in: 

• Significantly improved customer service experience 
• Rapid, secure access to historical engineering data 
• Enhanced collaboration and efficiency within the engineering team 
• A tangible reduction in operational costs 
• Strengthening of data security and compliance through cloud hosting 


Triangle Package Machinery’s digital transformation, led by IDT and supported by the 100% cloud-hosted solutions of CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE and OnBase by Hyland, exemplifies the synergy of technology, hands-on expertise, and cloud computing. From meticulous handling at IDT’s Itasca facility by its Professional Staff to the seamless cloud-based integration of scanning and content management, this comprehensive approach modernized Triangle Package Machinery's handling of critical engineering documents. 

The success of this project underscores the role of cloud-based solutions in delivering transformative change in the digital era. It stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, integration, and innovative thinking, providing a blueprint for others seeking to embark on a similar path of digital transformation. The blend of cutting-edge technology with careful attention to detail has elevated Triangle Package Machinery's operational efficiency and customer service to new heights, reflecting a forward-thinking approach that resonates with the demands of contemporary business landscapes. Next on the list of projects from Triangle Packaging with IDT’s Assistance: 

1) Imaging of Financial Records (AP/AR, Statements, Sales Orders, Historical Records, etc.) 

2) Automating Human Resources such as Onboarding, Employee File Management, and Integration with an Online Payroll system. 

3) Sales Change Order Process using Workflow, Dashboards, and Unity Forms from OnBase with electronic signature support, revision control, and document capture integrated with Triangle’s CRM solution. 

4) Automation of Triangle’s Technical Service Bulletins. 

For more details about Triangle Package Machinery Co.® and their offerings, visit

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Comparing TWAIN-Based Scanning to IoT Smart Connected Scanning by CAPSYS Technologies and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE


Document scanning is an essential component of modern businesses and organizations. While TWAIN-based scanning has been a staple for many years, the advent of IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions, such as those offered by CAPSYS Technologies and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, introduces a new level of simplicity, efficiency, and integration to the document scanning process. Let's dive into a comparison of these two approaches:

TWAIN-Based Scanning

    IT Tower of Babel

    Setup and Configuration: TWAIN scanners require IT installation and configuration of driver software and an application on individual computers. This process can be time-consuming and may vary across different scanner models.

    Device Connectivity: TWAIN scanners need to be physically connected to a computer via USB or network connection, limiting flexibility in terms of device placement and accessibility.
    Software Integration: TWAIN scanning relies on applications integrating with the scanner driver. Integrating these drivers across various applications can lead to compatibility issues and require additional development efforts.

    Workflow Automation: Workflow automation in TWAIN scanning often relies on third-party software or custom scripts, which can be complex and may require technical expertise to set up.

    Collaboration and Accessibility: Sharing scanned documents across teams may involve manual processes, such as email attachments or file transfers.

    Ongoing Maintenance and Support:
    TWAIN scanning solutions require a PC with an operating system, anti-malware, and anti-virus software and need to be properly maintained by updating and patching over the life cycle of the deployment(s).

IoT Smart Connected Scanning by CAPSYS

IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE
  • Setup and Configuration: IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions streamline setup and configuration using an encrypted QR Code that is uniquely configured to match your particular scanning needs. The process is straightforward and anybody can scan the QR code having the device provisioned and operational with limited or no IT involvement that connects your IoT device(s) to a cloud-based platform.

  • Device Connectivity: IoT Smart Connected Scanners are not bound to a single location. They can be placed in various locations and connect to the network, enabling remote access and usage.

  • Software Integration: CAPSYS IoT solutions offer seamless integration through APIs and middleware, ensuring compatibility with various applications and systems without the need for individual driver installations.

  • Workflow Automation: IoT solutions by CAPSYS offer built-in automation features, such as intelligent document routing and data extraction, simplifying complex workflows and reducing manual intervention.

  • Collaboration and Accessibility: CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE provides cloud-based accessibility to scanned documents, allowing authorized users to access, collaborate, and make informed decisions from any location.

    >> Watch a 6 Minute Video Demonstration of IoT Smart Connected Scanning Integrated with Salesforce CRM <<

Benefits of IoT Smart Connected Scanning by CAPSYS

Simplicity and Accessibility: CAPSYS' IoT solutions offer a streamlined setup, cloud-based accessibility, and user-friendly interfaces, making it easier for users to adopt and utilize the technology.

Integration and Compatibility: CAPSYS IoT solutions eliminate compatibility issues by offering standardized integration methods, enabling seamless communication with various software and systems.

Efficiency and Automation: CAPSYS' IoT solutions provide automation features that reduce manual tasks, accelerate processes, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Security and Compliance: CAPSYS' solutions prioritize security with encryption, access controls, and compliance features, ensuring that scanned documents are protected and adhere to industry regulations.


While TWAIN-based scanning has served its purpose for many years, IoT Smart Connected Scanning by CAPSYS Technologies and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE brings a new level of simplicity, integration, and efficiency to the document scanning process. By embracing IoT technology, organizations can streamline their scanning operations, enhance collaboration, and position themselves at the forefront of modern document management practices.

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Revolutionizing Document Scanning with IoT Technology from CAPSYS


In today's fast-paced world, the efficiency of document management plays a crucial role in the success of businesses and organizations. Traditional document scanning methods are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and inefficiencies. Enter CAPSYS, a pioneer in leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) technology to revolutionize the way we approach document scanning and management. In this blog post, we'll delve into the exciting world of IoT-powered document scanning and explore how CAPSYS is leading the way in transforming this essential business process.

The Power of IoT in Document Management

The IoT has permeated various industries, transforming the way we interact with technology and data. In the realm of document management, IoT technology has brought about a seismic shift in how documents are captured, processed, and utilized. IoT-enabled document scanning solutions, such as those offered by CAPSYS, combine cutting-edge hardware and intelligent software to streamline and enhance document management processes.

  • Real-time Connectivity: Traditional document scanning methods often require manual intervention, leading to delays and potential errors. With IoT technology, devices can be interconnected in real-time, allowing for instant data transfer, updates, and notifications. CAPSYS leverages this connectivity to provide a seamless and efficient document scanning experience.

  • Remote Accessibility: IoT-enabled document scanners can be remotely accessed and controlled, making it possible for employees to initiate scanning processes from various locations. This is particularly beneficial in today's remote and hybrid work environments, where access to physical scanners may be limited.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: CAPSYS employs advanced data capture technologies, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), which utilize machine learning algorithms to accurately extract and interpret data from scanned documents. This significantly reduces the chances of human errors and data inconsistencies.
  • Automated Workflows: One of the standout features of IoT-powered document scanning from CAPSYS is the ability to create automated workflows. These workflows can be customized to match the unique requirements of an organization, ensuring that documents are routed to the appropriate departments, individuals, or storage locations automatically.
  • Scalability and Integration: As businesses grow, their document management needs to evolve as well. IoT technology allows CAPSYS to create scalable solutions that can seamlessly integrate with existing software and systems, adapting to the changing needs of organizations without disruption.
  • Security and Compliance: IoT-enabled document scanning solutions prioritize security and compliance. CAPSYS incorporates robust encryption, access controls, and audit trails to safeguard sensitive information and ensure adherence to industry regulations.
  • Environmental Impact: By digitizing documents and reducing the need for physical storage, IoT-powered document scanning contributes to eco-friendly practices and the reduction of paper waste.

The CAPSYS Advantage

CAPSYS has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of IoT-powered document scanning solutions. We have taken an innovative approach to leveraging IoT technology in document management has led to numerous benefits for businesses and organizations of all sizes:

1. Streamlined Processes: CAPSYS solutions reduce manual tasks and accelerate document processing, leading to improved operational efficiency.

2. Cost Savings: By automating workflows and minimizing errors, businesses can achieve significant cost savings in terms of time, resources, and potential legal penalties.  IoT Smart Connected Scanning demonstrates a 40-65% cost savings over traditional, MFP, TWAIN-based document capture.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Quick and accurate document processing translates to faster response times and improved customer interactions.

4. Future-Proof Solutions: CAPSYS' commitment to innovation ensures that their solutions evolve alongside technological advancements, future-proofing your document management strategies.

5.    Superior Image Quality: Perfect Page technology from Kodak Alaris is embedded into each and every IoT Smart Connected Scanning scanning appliance. Perfect Page produces superior image quality that is as good or better than the original. The patented image science technology is using “System on a Chip” architecture that is embedded in the firmware of every IoT Smart Connected Scanning appliance.  More on that subject can be found here:


The marriage of IoT technology and document scanning offered by CAPSYS has ushered in a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in document management. By harnessing the power of real-time connectivity, automated workflows, and advanced data capture techniques, businesses can not only streamline their operations but also enhance security, compliance, and overall customer experience. As the digital landscape and digital document transformation continue to evolve, embracing IoT-powered document scanning solutions from CAPSYS is a strategic move that positions your organization at the forefront of innovation and success.

All the best,


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Top 10 Reasons IoT Smart Connected Scanning is the ideal solution for Microsoft 365 SharePoint

While Microsoft Office SharePoint has been around since 2001, the basic formula for scanning documents into SharePoint has been largely the same for the past 30 years.  The document capture experience for SharePoint (as well as other Content Services Platform and ECM solutions) have been primarily driven by PCs and/or MFDs (Multi-Function Devices), tethered connections, software drivers such as TWAIN or ISIS, Thick Client Application Software Installations, Ongoing Patching and Hotfixes, Virus/Malware/Ransomware installation, Training Services for End Users and IT and Network/OS configuration processes conducted by your IT department.  

The archaic formula is needlessly complex, introduces many points of failure into the process, and is largely expensive.  If you are looking for a Fast, Easy, and Economical way to scan and capture your paper-based documents into Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint – then look no further, you are in the right place!  Introducing IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE

IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE completely

the antiquated 30-year-old formula and has revolutionized the way paper-based documents are captured.  Let's dive into the Top-10 reasons on how IoT Smart Connected is revolutionizing the Microsoft Office SharePoint marketplace!
Number 1

An Installation and Deployment process unmatched in the Industry

From unboxing the equipment, performing light assembly, powering up, and scanning your custom configured QR code – the entire experience can be completed in just under 5 minutes by non-technical users.  

No previous MFP or document scanning solution has ever been able to accomplish such a feat.  Once that simple installation and deployment process has been completed, you are fully operational!  It should be, after all, it's IoT aware, and it's SMART!

Archaic and alternative document capture solutions require PCs, application software, software drivers, installation and configuration, anti-malware, anti-virus, anti-ransomware, patching, hotfixes, IT involvement, and ongoing support services.  

Ease of Use

If the 5 minute or less installation and deployment process wasn’t enough to demonstrate simplicity, then how does the end-user experience stack up when interacting with the IoT Smart Connected Appliance?

Well, during that 5 minute or less experience, CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE behind the scenes already provisioned your SharePoint Document Capture application portfolio on each of your IoT SMART appliances.

In other words, we have already delivered an easy-to-use “Single push-button interface” that allows your end-users to begin capturing documents and delivering them to your key line of business applications such as:

  • Accounts Payable/ERP System
  • Human Resources/HRIS system
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Patient OnBoarding
  • Insurance Underwriting
  • Loan Processing
And many more!

IoT Smart Connected Scanning appliances can even perform outbound faxing services using Retarus’ Global Cloud Fax and Messaging Services.  The benefit of our integration with Retarus is now you have a single device that can SCAN and FAX your documents out using a premier cloud-based faxing, SMS, and E-Mail solution provider.

Near Realtime Operator Feedback

Have you ever experienced after you scanned your documents with your MFP/MFD or tethered PC-based scanning application that your documents never arrived where you expected them to go?

Worse yet, you didn’t come to that realization until hours, days or weeks later?  

With IoT Smart Connected Scanning that won’t happen and here’s why.  Unique to the IoT Smart Connected Scanning platform is what we term, “positive user confirmation” capabilities.

With IoT Smart Connected Scanning for SharePoint, we can determine - based on your business rules - what makes up an acceptable document submission.  For example, if your batch submission requires signatures to be present on documents, or a specific set of document types MUST BE contained in the batch scanning process, we have the ability to detect the existence of those requirements in near real-time.

Further, we communicate a meaningful message back on the IoT Smart Connected Appliance user such as an “Accepted” or “Rejected” status. To serve as another example, we can check that a required signature or required document type is missing from the batch. We can even tell you which document type is missing.

And, we do all this before the user ever leaves the IoT Smart appliance!   

Patented Perfect Page

Perfect Page - from Kodak Alaris - technology produces superior image quality that is as good or better than the original. The patented image science technology is using “System on a Chip” architecture that is embedded in the firmware of every IoT Smart Connected Scanning appliance.

That means no third-party document scanning software applications or third-party licensed image enhancement technology such as VRS, or end-user configuration processes are required.

The end result is pristine image quality, images that are ideal for OCR applications all while delivering compact image file sizes that have been optimized for Cloud storage.

Nobody else in the industry, no MFP/MFD manufacturer has the Perfect Page enhancement technology.  Visit and download and read a Perfect Page brochure and watch a quick demonstration to learn more.

Blazing Fast, Small Footprint and Superior Paper Handling

With IoT Smart Connected Scanning for Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, you get the ability to capture paper documents of varying weights, shapes, and sizes, simplex, duplex, black and white, color, with a number of different file format options including popular PDF and TIF formats.

And, it is fast…. up to 80 pages per minute.

Massively Impressive Cost Savings

By as much as 40-65%.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Why?  Because we have eliminated all of the extra IT Tower of Babel layers that needlessly drive the costs upward.

The IT Tower of Babel refers to all the layers in between your paper and your business process - PCs, document scanning application software licenses, annual software maintenance, on-premises based installation services, IT ongoing support costs, etc.

When you have multiple locations, multiple decentralized capture locations, the cost differential becomes strikingly massive.

Remotely Managed 

Once your custom QR code completes the licensing and provisioning process, your fleet of IoT Smart Connected Scanning appliances for Microsoft 365 SharePoint is fully managed remotely via the Cloud.  

Application changes to a single IoT Smart Connected appliance or the entire fleet of appliances are made remotely thereafter.

Purpose-Built with Security and Chain of Custody in Mind

IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE provides optional support for RFID authentication technology using industry standards such as SAML, Active Directory, LDAP, Ping Federate, or other authentication methods.  RFID security connects the user to the documents being scanned.  The time, place, device, person, and documents are all linked using metadata and all those attributes are carried through the entire capture process.  

Built into each and every IoT Smart Connected Scanning appliance powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE is a unique, dual-channel architecture.  

The remote management of the IoT Smart appliance is performed on a separate distinct channel from which the documents are being captured upon.  

Each channel is encrypted at REST and while in transit.  This unique, dual-channel architecture provides the kind of security needed to meet the most stringent requirements in today’s Edge Computing environments.  

A tethered-based scanning solution or even an MFP simply can’t do this.

Malware, Virus and Ransomware Resilient

PCs and application software are vulnerable to outside threats.  PC-driven applications can leak sensitive and proprietary data outside of an organization – intentionally or unintentionally.  

PC-based, tether-driven scanning application software solutions must be provisioned with a security suite, patched, and monitored not only initially but on an ongoing basis.  

And, remember the risk and expense to do this for any organization increases by the number of decentralized locations and as well as the number of PC-based tether-driven scanning solutions deployed.

IoT Smart Connected Scanning appliances are virus, malware, and ransomware resilient.

Managed Capture as a Service by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.  

What makes IoT Smart Connected Scanning the ideal document capture platform for Microsoft 365 SharePoint is it is all powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE – a complete Managed Capture as a Service solution provisioned in Microsoft Azure Datacenters – both Commercial and Government Editions.  Whether you need to innovative document capture at the End Points of your Business Process using IoT Smart Capture devices, decentralized capture using traditional tethered based devices, centralized capture using 200 pages per minute devices, email ingestion with attachments, or even automated fax capture – CAPSYS Technologies has the ideal Cloud solution for your organization.  

For more information on IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE please visit  

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 A Problem | Solutions Brief from CAPSYS Technologies and Kodak Alaris

I. Situation: The Nightmare That Is Shared Email

Whether your organization is—
  • Public, private, a government agency, or a not-for-profit entity
  • In the healthcare, insurance or higher education marketplace
  • A manufacturer, distributor, operate in the logistics field, or a very large Global 2000 company
  • Or a small to mid-sized organization
graphic of emailgateway
You are likely feeling the pain and bad daytime dreams that accompany Shared Email Box use within your organization.

There is an influx of emails that arrive at your organization addressed to a mix of real-recipient and alias-recipient inboxes. Addresses such as,,, or or .org.

There is no real identifiable “person” assigned to the other side of these mailboxes—at least from the sender’s perspective. Internally, on the receiving side, you do have at least one person, sometimes an entire “SWAT” team accessing these real and aliased email addresses—known as the “Shared Email Boxes.” Unfortunately, this often creates a free-for-all approach in terms of who works inbound emails and how they are handled. It’s a process that could use improvement, but it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Team members are responsible for identifying which items belong to whom, working the item to its completion, and then moving that “finished” item out of the inbox into a Shared Email Box subfolder, to differentiate email items that are unread, inflight, or email items that have actually been completed. We know the process of accessing a Shared Email Box is all manual—an ad-hoc, people-driven approach (prone to error) to working the items in the Shared Email Box, and there is no genuine accountability.

You may even have gotten a bit clever and... Download and Read the full post at: