Monday, April 26, 2010

tieBridge joins CAPSYS International channel network of partners

April 26, 2010 – Today CAPSYS announces it has added another quality reseller to its partner program. tieBridge, Inc. out of Falls Chuch, VA has executed an agreement to resell the full family of CAPSYS CAPTURE products and subscription services.

For over ten years our business focus has remained on the delivery of technology driven business solutions that are aligned with the strategic objectives of public sector agencies. We are committed to delivering reliable and high-quality solutions as a trusted advisor and a strategic partner to federal agencies. Our management team is led by former public sector CIOs recognized for their innovative, strategic approach to government technology implementation - including winning a Hammer Award. We match our top notch consulting expertise with a highly focused customer orientation - something that many larger firms are unable to offer.

tieBridge’s founder and management have served in senior executive roles in government, utility, and private sector organizations. They understand the need to comply with government objectives while ensuring quality, cost, and performance goals are met. tieBridge professionals work with the latest tools, technology and techniques to measure and meet performance-based objectives. We partner with our clients to select and apply the best approach to ensuring mutual success.

tieBridge is a KnowledgeTree reseller.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CAPSYS Announces New Reseller, OptCorp Consultores of Santa Cruz in Bolivia


Odyssey S.R.L. joins national channel network of partners





April 15, 2010 – Today CAPSYS announces it has added another quality reseller to its partner program. Odyssey S.R.L. (d/b/a OptCorp) out of Santa Cruz in the Plurinational State of Bolivia has executed an agreement to resell the full family of CAPSYS CAPTURE products and subscription services.   


Odyssey/OptCorp is a company dedicated to the management and process optimization, based on the development and implementation of high-tech computer systems in home businesses financial, commercial, and industrial services.  OptCorp SRL has established itself as a team capable of developing information systems and management control that meet the requirements and methods of operation of companies that hire our services.  

Our goal is to provide practical and creative solutions for quality, reliability and according to customer requirements, creating tools to assist planning and decision making.


Odyssey/OptCorp is a KnowledgeTree reseller. 


For more information, please see their website: or

Friday, April 16, 2010

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and what benefits does BPO offer my firm?

BPO essentially allows your firm and your firm’s key personnel to focus on its core competency and relieve itself of burdensome, but necessary repetitive tasks by outsourcing those tasks to a third party business partner for fee – usually based on a per item or transaction fee. A common functional area to consider outsourcing to a trusted business partner and that we will discuss here is the Accounts Payable function.

Accounts Payable is generally considered a highly repetitive process, is common across all organizations regardless of size or industry and largely is known to become highly inefficient when the job functions and systems have been internally developed and modified over an extended period of time without the benefit of outside review.

To address the problem - and not surprisingly - more accounts payable clerks are added to the department, the influx of paper builds, payable cycles begin to get extended, discounts are missed, and the inefficient and poorly designed business processes naturally begins to spiral out of control without giving much thought to the actual costs that have been placed upon the organization to support the AP function.

When an organization is experience growth either through the addition of people and paper intensive processes, outsourcing the AP function to a BPO firm will allow the organization to focus on its core competencies. The organization can leverage the BPO's workflow process automation methodologies, its compliance/ERP expertise and efficient business practices, and allows the organization to directly benefit from a technology stack specifically optimized to address the challenges associated with Accounts Payable departments of small to mid-market organizations.

Time to market is the yet another significant advantage of engaging with a BPO firm. Consider how long it will take you firm to seek board approval, budget, purchase, implement and support a Accounts Payable automation solution integrated with your ERP solution such as SAP, Oracle Financial, etc. vs. engaging with a BPO who already has such an infrastructure that can be spun up and fully operational in days or weeks.

Lastly, the concepts of BPO can be extended beyond Accounts Payable example to other functional areas such as: mortgage processing, new applicant processing, claims processing, lock boxes, Human Resources, back file or paper to digital conversion processes, and many more functional areas.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Come See Us at our Booth at the FileBound 2010 Partner Conference in Las Vegas April 11-14!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the FileBound 2010 Partner Conference!  Come by our booth and say "Hello"!  We would like to see you again (or meet you for the first time) and discuss how we can meet your document capture needs for either FileBound On-Site or FileBound On-Demand solutions.

CAPSYS CAPTURE is a Web-based, document capture solution that helps global enterprises to automate document driven business processes resulting in a reduction in operational costs, increased productivity and a rapid ROI.

CAPSYS CAPTURE can improve your ability to effectively and efficiently capture documents electronically with a fully Web-based, distributed document capture solution tightly integrated with the leading ECM solutions, like FileBound, or other document repositories, either as a SaaS or on-premise deployment.
Learn more about our new 4.0 release and how we can:

  • Increase your profits and broaden market opportunities for your document capture solution offerings
  • Address the document capture needs of your clients with a fully functional, thin client document capture solution tightly integrated with FileBound for either FileBound On-Site or FileBound On-Demand
  • Help you quickly deploy solutions by "pre-building" project information from FileBound into CAPSYS CAPTURE using the CAPSYS FileBound InBound Wizard making it a snap to setup the document capture application