Thursday, December 17, 2009

CAPSYS Capture Online Demonstration Available

Get an online demonstration of CAPSYS Capture anytime at your convenience from TechinfoCenter.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Ty CIO presents their SaaS story at CAPSYS reseller's customer appreciation event

In early December, the CIO at Ty, Inc. recently presented at a CAPSYS reseller's customer gathering. A series of startling revelations were made that are worth contemplating over - either an existing user of ECM technology, or if you are a about to jump in with both feet the world of ECM:

Benefits of TY SaaS Solution

  • Recovered 500GB of disk space on their NAS
  • Removed 4 servers (and associated service contracts)
  • Drastically reduced the need for IT involvement
  • No workstation setup or upgrades
  • No servers to maintain or upgrade
  • Addition of 5 remote locations
  • 70% Increase in users
  • 40% Reduction in Annual ECM expenses

According to Jim Gio, CIO of Ty, "SaaS eliminates Ty Inc’s need to have multiple systems and software in-house to manage our content. There are fewer points of failure, minimal technical involvement and Ty Inc no longer needs to dedicate equipment or resources (staff or money) to host the system."

Ty Before SaaS:

Ty After SaaS:

Regardless of any particular software application, isn't what Ty, Inc. has accomplished a rather compelling business case for SaaS, and its bottom line?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CAPSYS® Announces Newest Release of Character Recognition Modules for CAPSYS CAPTURE

The improved modules enhance ability to automatically recognize characters eliminating manual indexing and improving ROI.

Colorado Springs, Colo. (December 8, 2009) – CAPSYS, a leading software developer of Web-based document capture and capture process management software, announced the release of their newest OCR and document processing modules that have been rebuilt from the ground up. These modules include Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). In addition, the new release includes a Document Classification module.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

CAPSYS December Training Schedule

Additional product training for Partners has been scheduled for both our sales certification and technical certification classes for the month of December. These classes will be provided over Webex and are available free of charge to Partners.



All currently scheduled training is via Webex from the convenience of your desk - No expensive travel or time lost out of the field. We make it easy to get trained on CAPSYS CAPTURE.

To see the full training schedule and register for a course, click here.

Dynamics GP in the cloud - What's that got to do with Document Capture?

Microsoft has taken bold steps towards addressing the issue of cloud computing for the masses. No longer can the legitimacy of the SaaS alternative (ASP or Cloud Computing) be so quickly dismissed during the IT purchase decision making process. The cost savings are real.

Take particular note of the fact how Microsoft offers the customer flexibility of choosing a solution (financial software in the example below) that encompasses BOTH software delivery methods: On-premise for Dynamics GP and SaaS for Ecommerce components using the new AZURE platform. The point here is that SaaS alternative is not an "all or nothing" decision. Microsoft's offering parallels the CAPSYS' value proposition...if you want a web-based, document capture software solution whose delivery method is on-premise or SaaS, but keep your Content Management Repository on-premise or SaaS, so be it!

You the customer are afforded the opportunity to choose which software delivery method is best suited for your business.

The SaaS alternative is hear to stay and it is time for all us to get readily acquainted with the next wave of software delivery called Cloud Computing.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Informative Webinar for FileBound® Partners on the subject of CAPSYS® - A Web-based Distributed Document Capture Solution

During this Webinar you will discover:
• How you can address the document capture needs of your clients with a fully functional, thin client capture solution tightly integrated with FileBound for either FileBound On-Site or FileBound On-Demand hosted solutions
• How you can easily and quickly design and implement your client’s capture processes with the CAPSYS CAPTURE workflow
• How you can take advantage of powerful, server based capture processing to automate tasks and increase user productivity
• How you can pre-build project information from FileBound into CAPSYS CAPTURE using the CAPSYS FileBound InBound Wizard™ making it a snap to setup the document capture application
• How easy it is to release documents and index information from CAPSYS CAPTURE into FileBound, for either On-Site or On-Demand based systems
• How Ty, a joint CAPSYS and FileBound customer, benefited from the use of both company’s products

For additional details, please visit:

Webinar Details:

“Web-based Distributed Document Capture for
Wednesday, December 16th

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Read the fine print of your software maintenance agreement...AND stay on top of policy changes that occur throughout the term of the agreement.

When times get tough...the real character of an organization shines through...

Somebody within the ECM industry and "in the know" forwarded me this software maintenance policy update from a competitive document capture company. I took out the name of the software company because I don't think it is appropriate here to name names. However, it serves to illustrate the importance of partners and their respective end user customers to READ the fine print of the initial software maintenance agreement and also stay keenly aware of the policy changes that are made during the term of the agreement.

Here is an excerpt of the recent policy changes:

1. There is no more 30 day grace period for maintenance expiration. As soon as the customer reaches their SWA (software assurance agreement) expiration date they will expire and are subject to a reinstatement penalty which is the equivalent of 1 year of their SWA fee. This is in addition to paying their current SWA fee. No changes in expiration dates will occur.

So for example, if a customer expires on 12/31/09 (the customer pays late and we don’t issue a PO until 2/30/10) the customer will now need to pay the existing SWA amount which would have covered the customer from 1/1/2010- 12/31/10 PLUS an additional year of SWA in penalty fees. They will still only get one year of coverage, the expiration date will not change so the customer is in effect paying 2 years for 1 year of coverage.

2. There are no partial renewals allowed. Customers cannot pay quarterly, only annual policies.

3. Finally, there is no refunds in maintenance if a customer partway through their SWA agreement decides to switch products. SWA is prepaid, and non-refundable regardless if the customer is using it or not.

In summary, when economic times get tough, you quickly come to learn who your real "business partners" are. Does the Latin phrase: Caveat Emptor come to mind?