Monday, December 14, 2009

Ty CIO presents their SaaS story at CAPSYS reseller's customer appreciation event

In early December, the CIO at Ty, Inc. recently presented at a CAPSYS reseller's customer gathering. A series of startling revelations were made that are worth contemplating over - either an existing user of ECM technology, or if you are a about to jump in with both feet the world of ECM:

Benefits of TY SaaS Solution

  • Recovered 500GB of disk space on their NAS
  • Removed 4 servers (and associated service contracts)
  • Drastically reduced the need for IT involvement
  • No workstation setup or upgrades
  • No servers to maintain or upgrade
  • Addition of 5 remote locations
  • 70% Increase in users
  • 40% Reduction in Annual ECM expenses

According to Jim Gio, CIO of Ty, "SaaS eliminates Ty Inc’s need to have multiple systems and software in-house to manage our content. There are fewer points of failure, minimal technical involvement and Ty Inc no longer needs to dedicate equipment or resources (staff or money) to host the system."

Ty Before SaaS:

Ty After SaaS:

Regardless of any particular software application, isn't what Ty, Inc. has accomplished a rather compelling business case for SaaS, and its bottom line?

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