Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CAPSYS Partners Get SaaS-Y - End of the Paralysis Sales Stage.

Let's face it, with the economic conditions that have been thrust upon each of us and seemingly with no end to the challenges any time soon, the general business climate has been rather frustrating at times.. However, there is some good news to cheer about!

It is amazing to me to see the creative and innovative approach our channel partners are taking to bring CAPSYS web-based capture solutions to their prospect and customers. One angle that is of particular interest to me I would like to share is the Software as a Service or Cloud alternative to traditional on-premised based offerings.

Our channel partners are beginning to clearly see the CAPSYS cloud as a viable alternative to traditional on-premised based capture solutions. Why you may ask?
  • Predictable, Reoccurring Revenue Stream
  • Lower Costs, Better Margins
  • Rapid Deployment Time
  • Elimination of CAPEX budgeting process
  • No Annual Software Maintenance
For example, one of our partners services the Pharmaceutical industry.  This particular organization was using one of the traditional Tier 1 document capture vendors.  The customer was getting budget pinched with the reoccurring internal costs to support the existing infrastructure.  Yet, they desired to expand the system, but struggled with the justification due to the additional software licenses, along with the additional annual maintenance required on top of the already enormous annual maintenance charges measured in 10's of thousands of dollars.  And, on top of all these charges, the customer was faced with refreshing the capture servers and OS's which also was very expensive due to internal IT charges being assessed back to the line of business.  It was clear from the customers perspective the project wasn't going move forward until the any time soon - perhaps when the economy turned around.  So, in this instance, the customer and the partner entered into the "paralysis" stage of the sales cycle.  Sound all to familiar?

Having heard about the CAPSYS CAPTURE Software as a Service offering, the partner reached out to us, laid out each of the frustrations and obstacles they were facing with the customer.  In a short period of time, the partner worked out a program to switch out the legacy capture software vendor with CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.  There were added bonuses the customer would receive when the partner proposed the making the switch to CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE:

  • Elimination of a thick client based capture solution to a web-based capture solution;
  • Inclusive of a rules-base capture workflow engine - something the other vendor lacked;
  • Concurrent user licensing model, which allowed the customer to expand across the enterprise without breaking the bank.

Whats the moral of the story? 

If you run into a situation where your sales process and sales person has reached a stage of "paralysis", then take a serious look at the SaaS alternative:
  • Predictable, reoccurring monthly expenses for the partner and your customers;
  • No upfront software charges for you the partner or your customers;
  • No annual maintenance charges with annual CPI increases;
  • Elimination of the hardware and OS and annual SWA expenses;
  • No Internal IT costs being billed back to the line of business owner;
It is all good news you can cheer about!


Friday, May 21, 2010

DEX Imaging joins international channel network of partners

DEX Imaging joins international channel network of partners

May 18, 2010 – Today CAPSYS announces it has added another quality reseller to its partner program. INDEX DataFiles, Inc. d/b/a DEX Imaging out of Tampa, FL has executed an agreement to resell the full family of CAPSYS CAPTURE products and subscription services.

DEX, founded in 2002, is the largest and fastest growing independent dealer of Konica Minolta and Kyocera document imaging equipment in the United States. Though they sell & service award-winning printers, copiers, fax units, multifunctional systems, mailing equipment, large format devices, and a full line of document management solutions, they also offer a depth of experience and expertise that separates us from our competitors.

DEX Imaging is a FileBound reseller. For more information, please see their website: