Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Did you know that you can release documents and associated metadata to multiple repositories from CAPSYS CAPTURE? For example, you are working with a customer that has deployed SharePoint in their Human Resources department and FileBound in their Finance/Accounting department. For each document type, you select which repository (i.e., Document Management System) you want to release to by simply placing the Release Module QSX on the Document Type process map (Standard licensing policies apply).

CAPSYS CAPTURE can release to a unique repository for each document type. Additionally, you can even release the same document type to multiple repositories simply by placing each release module QSX in sequence on the Document Type process map. CAPSYS CAPTURE can be used to perform all of the document and data capture needs for a client regardless of the number of document management systems are installed - they don't need a different document capture product for each system! Very cool, huh?