Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Economic Value Proposition and Creative Marketing on behalf of one of our valued Partners

There is something to be said about going the "extra mile" to get your point across.  Our industry for many years has relied on publishing its customer successes using traditional printed materials, then relying on proactive PR efforts to hopefully pick the story up and publish it in some trade journal.  Well, times have changed as a result of social media.  Here is a fine example of - courtesy of one of our business partners - what I personally think is a more creative way to get your partner successes evangelized in the marketplace - YouTube.  Yes, a bit more pricey than traditional forms of marketing, but from a cost and impact per impression standpoint - rather hard to beat.  Plus, as we have all seen, YouTube videos have the potential in going viral.  Rather difficult task for a printed case study to become "viral."

Note that this video focuses on the customer talking about how they re-engineered their internal business process - essentially "externalizing their business process" and making it directly available to their partner channel via CAPSYS CAPTURE.  With CAPSYS, this customer now has found a new, innovative way to externalize the economic value of the process directly to their elite partner channel.  Hey, enough of my talking...watch the video and let us know what you think?  

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