Friday, October 7, 2011

Free your Forms from Paper - FOREVER

CAPSYS and Ricoh-EWS jointly participated in presenting Ricoh's eQuill integrated with CAPSYS CAPTURE.  There was overwhelming interest in the offering.  An elegantly designed device that eliminates the need for a pen, paper based business forms, and a clipboard, coupled with a set of rich Cloud Services, integrated with CAPSYS CAPTURE's Power of Choice Universal On-Ramp for content ingestion, its no wonder why!

Check out CAPSYS' and Ricoh's recently published a whitepaper that we handed out at the AIIM October 6 show in Chicago by clicking here.



Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fortune 100 Company says, "WOW, what an improvement!"

That's what a Fortune 100 customer says about the A/P process improvements recently delivered to them by CAPSYS partner, Tronitech located in Indianapolis, IN.  In fact, Tronitech's CEO Bud Arkenau headlined the success story in their recent newsletter:

Featured Story

Improving the A/P process at a large Fortune 100 equipment manufacturing company using our custom SaaS model of CAPSYS CAPTURE document management application. We worked with them to develop a process that eliminates the paper handling in the A/P approval and payment process. All paper is now scanned immediately when received and is routed electronically to everyone involved. When the review and apporval process is complete, the documents are passed on to their ECM system for archiving. No more double keying of information, or "where is the document" questions. They also no longer have to worry about who has the document and when they received it. Our solution tracks and stores all that information. As one of their employees said:  "WOW what an improvement." Our workflow implementation allowed this company to increase efficiency, decrease man-hours and provided a safe and secure storage solution.

Check out the basic workfllow we used   If you have a document process that needs streamlined, please contact Tronitech at:


Congratulations Team Tronitech!  Partners, we love to hear about your mounting CAPSYS CAPTURE success stories, keep them coming!