Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Informative Webinar for FileBound® Partners on the subject of CAPSYS® - A Web-based Distributed Document Capture Solution

During this Webinar you will discover:
• How you can address the document capture needs of your clients with a fully functional, thin client capture solution tightly integrated with FileBound for either FileBound On-Site or FileBound On-Demand hosted solutions
• How you can easily and quickly design and implement your client’s capture processes with the CAPSYS CAPTURE workflow
• How you can take advantage of powerful, server based capture processing to automate tasks and increase user productivity
• How you can pre-build project information from FileBound into CAPSYS CAPTURE using the CAPSYS FileBound InBound Wizard™ making it a snap to setup the document capture application
• How easy it is to release documents and index information from CAPSYS CAPTURE into FileBound, for either On-Site or On-Demand based systems
• How Ty, a joint CAPSYS and FileBound customer, benefited from the use of both company’s products

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Webinar Details:

“Web-based Distributed Document Capture for
Wednesday, December 16th

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  1. This is very helpful for all types of businesses. It will help you discover and practice what is good to help you with your business.


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