Thursday, March 25, 2010

CAPSYS Capture for KnowledgeTree Webcast!

Register for CAPSYS Capture for KnowledgeTree Webcast on March 30th, 11:00am Central

You only have a week left to register for the free partner webinar on web-based document capture for KnowledgeTree!
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During this webinar you will discover:
  • How you can easily and quickly migrate paper and electronic documents into a KnowledgeTree business process
  • How you can address the document capture needs of your clients with a fully functional, thin client document capture solution tightly integrated with KnowledgeTree for either KnowledgeTree on-premise or KnowledgeTree SaaS products
  • How you can easily and quickly design and implement your client’s document capture processes with the CAPSYS CAPTURE™ workflow
  • How you can take advantage of powerful, server based capture processing (Like DB Lookups, OCR/ICR/OMR and Document Classification/Recognition) to automate tasks and increase user productivity
  • How easy it is to release documents and index information from CAPSYS CAPTURE into KnowledgeTree, for either KnowledgeTree on premise or KnowledgeTree SaaS products
  • How you can become an authorized reseller and begin offering these solutions to your clients to generate new sales and profits 
March 30th, 11:00am Central

Register by clicking here!

KnowledgeTree Inc.
1130 Situs Ct.
Suite 234
Raleigh, NC 27606

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  1. Too bad, I'm really bad with schedules I guess. I would love to see your schedule for 2011-2012 so I can fit myself inside those meetings.


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