Friday, September 24, 2010

SaaS based Document Capture - No Brainer decision

It makes all the sense in the world: scan, index, QA, rules-based batch and document workflow processing, all conducted over the web via a browser. Take it a step further and have all this functionality w/o having to buy and install any client or server software, SQL databases - regardless of how simple or complicated your document capture process may be. No server hardware needs to be purchased either...regardless if your content management systems is located on-premise or is SaaS based.

From a partner perspective, your sales cycle is accelerated and measured in days or weeks. Your focus is on the matters of addressing the business needs of your client via your professional services organization. Their focus is on provisioning the service: configuration & integration. No need to fight the battles with IT anymore about who is buying the servers, where are they buying them from, when they will be delivered, how much is the business user being charged by IT to manage the application servers, or if by chance you get the rare opportunity to sell the iron, OS, DB, etc...the need to wrestle over doing business in single digit margins - the turf wars are finally over.

From an end user perspective, you get immediate value, return on investment, and lowest TCO compared to any other on-premise alternative. The SaaS based transaction is likely to be SALES TAX exempt - so it saves your organization some precious cash as well(check with your CPA or CFO). From a time to market perspective, on-premise based rollouts are simply no match for SaaS based capture solutions. From a time to market perspective, the age old on-premise delivery option is no match for SaaS!

It really is a "no brainer" decision.

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