Friday, April 29, 2011

CAPSYS Document Indexing Tech Tip!

Attention user community: Here are a quick set of tips for the document indexing component of CAPSYS CAPTURE that will speed up your indexing process:

Keyboard Shortcut definitions for Indexing Page Functions 

  • New Document [alt - n] 
  • New Empty Document [alt - e] 
  • Append Page to Document  [alt - p] 
  • Append All Pages to Document [alt - l] 
  • Clear Indexes  [alt - r] 
  • Complete/Release  [alt - c] 
  • Unlock Case  [alt - u] 
  • Save Indexes  [alt - s] 
  • Copy Document  [alt - o] 
  • Split Document  [alt - i] 
  • Delete Document  [alt - delete] 

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