Thursday, June 3, 2010

Larry Ellison clears up Cloud Computing for all of us!

A colleague of mine sent this YouTube audio sound byte of Larry Ellison from Oracle speaking on the subject of Cloud Computing....he sums it up as follows: "What the hell is cloud computing?" Put aside all his rambling on about the subject, I think he is largely on target.

Yes, the industry is attempting to repackage and redress itself like it did years ago when "Time Sharing" on a mainframe was the trend until the Micro-VAX from Digital Equipment Corporation emerged, then the mini to the PC, back towards the the adoption of a PC server (thanks to Novell) and Citrix terminal servers, ASP's in the 90's, co-location to virtualization and now SaaS/Cloud Computing in the 21st Century.  The pendulum has swung!

Interesting perspective...I will leave it that.    View the audio playback and you be the judge.

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